Tutorial :Get image from a video frame in iPhone


Is it possible using the iPhone SDK to grab a frame from a video in iPhone and save it or use it in any way in the application? Does the SDK give any control over the video other than play/stop or maybe access to the binary data of the video?

Also is it possible to know the time at which the user stopped watching the video (i know in SDK 3.0 it is possible to start the video from a specific time).


EDIT: If not through the official APIs, is there another way to do any of the above in a way that won't ban the application from the AppStore?


Here's a blog post about extracting frames from movies using ffmpeg:


The corresponding project on github: iFrameExtractor


You can use lib used by ffmpeg to extract a frame like libh264


Live TV apps on iPhone do that.

Hope this helps.



please see the answer to my question here iphone sdk > 3.0 . Video Thumbnail? which answers this


Check the sample code at This URL:https://github.com/benlodotcom/MyAVControllerDemo for extracting frames from video

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