Tutorial :Flex: How to add horizontal axes to a chart?


I have a dynamically created chart and I need to add a horizontal and vertical axis in a script. I can't put the chart into MXML because I'm dynamically changing the chart type, deleting and creating a new chart. Therefore, the variable that I use to create the chart, an instance of chartBase, doesn't have either a horizontalAxis or verticalAxis. How do I assign to them if they don't exist? Should I be using a different type? The graphs I want to use are line, bar, and HLOC and/or candlestick.


I think you'll get better results by instantiating your chart as a proper type.

For example, in a component I have a skeleton lineChart setup in the mxml...

<mx:LineChart id="lineChart" dataProvider="{chartData}" dataTipFunction="dataTipFunction"      width="100%"      height="100%"      showDataTips="true"      />  

... but you could create it as a variable and add it to the container. Then for the axis I determine the type I want and create and apply them, here's some code I use for the horizontal axis...

// Setup new horizontal axis.  switch (hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.dataType)  {      case "Date":          var hDtAxis:DateTimeAxis = new DateTimeAxis();          hDtAxis.title = hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.label;          hDtAxis.dataUnits = "days";          hDtAxis.dataInterval = 1;          hDtAxis.parseFunction = dateParser;          lineChart.horizontalAxis = hDtAxis;          break;      case "Time":          var hTAxis:DateTimeAxis = new DateTimeAxis();          hTAxis.title = hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.label;          hTAxis.dataInterval = 1;          hTAxis.parseFunction = timeParser;          lineChart.horizontalAxis = hTAxis;          break;      case "Number":          var hLAxis:LinearAxis = new LinearAxis();          hLAxis.title = hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.label;          hLAxis.interval = 1;          hLAxis.minimum = 0;          lineChart.horizontalAxis = hLAxis;          break;      default:          var hCatAxis:CategoryAxis = new CategoryAxis();          hCatAxis.title = hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.label;          hCatAxis.dataProvider = schemaUtil.aggregateAndSortCasesAC(chartData, vAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.data, [hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.data]);          hCatAxis.categoryField = hAxisFieldsComboBox.selectedItem.data;          lineChart.horizontalAxis = hCatAxis;  }  

Hope that helps.

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