Tutorial :Embbed photos to an Email


I am writing a Windows application which uses SMTP service to send email. I want to embed few dynamically created images to the Email content. How can I do this in .NET?. My format of email is HTML. I don't want to host my image to a photo hosting service. I don't want to send it as attachment.


On your MailMessage object you need to create an alternative HTML view. Then you add LinkedResources to your alternative HTML view. The LinkedResource takes in a location of a file or a Stream object. Give the LinkedResource an ID which will match to whats in your HTML file.

  MailMessage msg = CreateYourMessage();  msg.IsBodyHtml = true;    string html = GetHtmlFromFileOrText();    AlternateView htmlView = AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(html, Encoding.UTF8, "text/html");    LinkedResource img = new LinkedResource("location_of_image_or_stream_object");  img.ContentId = "Header_Image";  htmlView.LinkedResources.Add(img);    message.AlternateViews.Add(htmlView);  

Your html file or text should have something like this

< img src="cid:Header_Image" alt="" title="" />

notice the cid should match the ContentID of your LinkedResource.


Does this helps?


Here is some VB.NET code which should be trivial to change to C#. It will have to be attached. Thats the way HTML email works.


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