Tutorial :Dynamic function calls in Python using XMLRPC


I'm writing a class which I intend to use to create subroutines, constructor as following:

def __init__(self,menuText,RPC_params,RPC_call):     #Treat the params     #Call the given RPC_call with the treated params  

The problem is that I want to call the function on the pattern "rpc.serve.(function name here)(params)", where rpc is a serverProxy object that I'm using to call XMLRPC functions, and serve.-function name- is the method I'm calling on the XMLRPC-server.

I've looked at Calling a function from a string with the function's name in Python, but seeing how my serverProxy object doesnt know which "remote attributes" it have, I cant use the getattr() function to retrieve the method.

I've seen a example by making a dictionary to call a given function, but is there no way to make the function truly dynamic by creating the function call as you would create a String? Like running a String as a function?


You can use getattr to get the function name from the server proxy, so calling the function like this will work:

getattr(rpc, function_name)(*params)  

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