Tutorial :DOM: fetch all text nodes in the document (PHP)


I've have the following (PHP) code that traverses an entire DOM document to get all of the text nodes. It's a bit of a ugly solution, and I'm sure there must be a better way... so, is there?

$skip = false;  $node = $document;  $nodes = array();  while ($node) {      if ($node->nodeType == 3) {          $nodes[] = $node;      }      if (!$skip && $node->firstChild) {          $node = $node->firstChild;      } elseif ($node->nextSibling) {          $node = $node->nextSibling;          $skip = false;      } else {          $node = $node->parentNode;          $skip = true;      }  }  



The XPath expression you need is //text(). Try using it with DOMXPath::query. For example:

$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);  $textnodes = $xpath->query('//text()');  

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