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does anyone know about a document management system (or modules) that can be integrated with .NET?



Here is a list of some of the most common DMS found in enterprises nowadays. (they all could be integrated to .net)

  1. EMC
  2. Hummingbird
  3. Open Text
  4. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
  5. Xerox DocuShare
  6. UCM by Oracle
  7. FileNet by IBM
  8. Interwoven WorkSite


I'm not completely sure what kind of integration you are after. If you're looking for a stand alone solution which has an API interface usable from .Net languages I can't help mentioning M-Files. Though I need to mention this recommendation might be extremely biased.

The system is commercial but there is a free version available with some limitations such as user amount etc. I believe.

The API is a pretty solid COM api which works quite smoothly through COM interop. It's strongly typed etc. so using it from .Net gives no troubles unlike some other COM apis. (Cough..Office..Cough) Internally the API is used to provide a web interface as an alternative to the native Windows integration so it's kept up to date and usable for this reason.


The old classic is Dot Net Nuke. There is a big community around the modules and of course you can write your own. Best of all it's open source.


Take a look at SiteFinity, or Graffiti. I'm currently evaluating both of these as a potential solution for our site.


If cost is no issue and you can use a standard DMS pretty much out of the box (e.g. only minor custom development), Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server is great for document management and document-based team collaboration. Creating workspaces, integration with Office products (for example, you can save your Word and Excel work directly into your collaboration space on the Sharepoint server). For end-users who are already proficient in the Office suite, it's a very pleasant UX.

That having been said, there are two caveats - it is insanely expensive, and deep, core customizations are more than a little painful. Superficial widget-type customization is a breeze though.

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