Tutorial :Do you know any ruby lexers I could use in an application? [closed]


I would need lexers for as many programming languages I could get, and I would need them to be written in ruby. Do you know any?


Would RACC be useful to you?

You can combine it with REX to generate your lexer.


RACC is not a lexer. It is a parser generator. REX is a lexer, and it is ready made, it is a ruby implementation of lex.

Theres another lexer for ruby. I think it's called ruby-lex.


This might not fit you, but can I suggest you to take a look at Pygments for Python? I understand it might fall outside the scope of your question but this tool has support for a ton of languages and it provides a command-line tool so you can call it from Ruby.

Albino is a small Ruby wrapper for using Pygments from Ruby: http://gist.github.com/82824

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