Tutorial :Default template parameter in constructor


So I have this piece of code and out of convenience I want the default parameter for its constructor be of the int kind and 0. (I have more parameters in a class of my project and one of them is optional and I don't want to write the constructor twice because its big)

class mama{      public:      template<typename x> mama(x i=int(0)){}  };    int main(){      mama x;  }  

This doesn't work because it says it can't find the constructor so is there another way I can do this?

error: no matching function for call to ‘mama::mama()'  note: candidates are: mama::mama(const mama&)  


Refactor your constructor into a private initialization function and wrapper constructors, then add a default, like so:

class mama {    private:      template<typename x> void init(x i) { /* ... */ }    public:      template<typename x> mama(x i) { init(i); }      mama() { init((int)0); }  };  


Note that default template parameters are not allowed for function templates. Why not create a class template?

template <class T=int>  class mama{      public:      mama<T>(T i=0){}  };    int main(){      mama<> x; // no argument based template parameter deduction possible  }  


Default value works just like overload, so...

class mama{  public:      template<typename x> mama(x i){}      mama(int i = 0) {}  };  

When you create mama with no argument, the construct with default int is matched before any templated constructor.

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