Tutorial :Custom primitives in C#?


Apart from the questionable usefulness of this, I'd like to ask if it is possible to do something along these lines.

class MyPrimitive {          String value;          public String Value {              get { return value; }              set { this.value = value; }          }  }    // Instead of doing this...  MyPrimitive a = new MyPrimitive();  a.Value = "test";  String b = a.Value;    // Isn't there a way to do something like this?  MyPrimitive a = "test";  String b = a;  

I like to wrap primitive types into custom classes using a property to make the get and set method perform other things, like validation.
Since I'm doing this quite often I thought that it'd be nice to also have a simpler syntax, like for the standard primitives.
Still, I suspect that this not only isn't feasible but could also be conceptually wrong. Any insights would be most welcome, thanks.


Use a value type (struct) and give it an implicit conversion operator from the type you want on the right hand side of assignment.

struct MyPrimitive  {      private readonly string value;        public MyPrimitive(string value)      {          this.value = value;      }        public string Value { get { return value; } }        public static implicit operator MyPrimitive(string s)      {          return new MyPrimitive(s);      }         public static implicit operator string(MyPrimitive p)      {          return p.Value;      }  }  

EDIT: Made the struct immutable because Marc Gravell is absolutely right.


You could use implicit casting. It's not recommended, but:

public static implicit operator string(MyString a) {      return a.Value;  }  public static implicit operator MyString(string a) {      return new MyString { value = a; }  }  

Again, bad practice.

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