Tutorial :Creating a Social Networking Website in PHP [closed]


What's the fastest, open-source PHP social networking framework that can help me get a working prototype in four hours? I'm looking at something that can handle profiles, where each profile can make multiple posts, and each post can be rated by the community? I'm looking at BuddyPress with Wordpress MU? Is this achievable, or should I go with CakePHP or CodeIgniter? Are there any plugins out there that you can recommend? Thanks a lot for your feedback.


I have looked at both, BuddyPress seems to have more off the shelf plugins as it is in it's self a plugin of wordpress. buddypress seems a little eaiser to develop for when it comes to db than elgg.


Check out Elgg â€" it seems to be exactly what you want.


Not in PHP, but if you need that with such short deadline you can get a social networking site ready for free with Django and Pinax (Python).


I think if you are looking at creating a website with such a strict deadline, you'd be better off trying to use a pre-built CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, or a host of other ones out there that are PHP. Most (if not all) are open source meaning you can do development on your own to expand or modify the functionality.


cakephp or elgg.

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