Tutorial :Creating on-demand, print-quality PDFs (preferably in Ruby if feasible)



What's your fast and reliable (as in "stable") solution to create on-demand, newspaper-like (as in "using advanced layout or typesetting") PDFs out of an application on a Linux server?

Therefore: No, HTML2PDF is not the solution I'm looking for. ;-)


And if it's not Ruby-based: Is there a way to steer your solution out of a Rails application? Preferably over a webservice or a something-2-Ruby-bridge-kind-of-thing?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!


There's a similar question and the rtex gem suggested there looks like what I'm looking for. I'll keep this question unanswered to look if there are other suggestions.


Typesetting well is hard.

If you can't find a ruby typesetting library, you may want to look at running a background pdflatex. LaTeX source is pretty easy to generate programmatically.

How useful this idea is will depend a bit on how complicated your documents are, and how much you care about the quality of output. If you have simple text only, and only want something a bit better than html, you probably have more options.


Prawn is designed for this type of thing, and it's under current development.


With php I've had great luck with FPDF. I generate a few thousand high quality reports everyday with it. Never misses a beat and is pretty quick. With php running on a webserver, I imagein it wouldn't be too hard to setup ruby to feed the php page the data required to generate and then ruby pick up the result.

EDIT: It looks like there is a port for Ruby. http://zeropluszero.com/software/fpdf/

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