Tutorial :Control-F5 Browser Refresh (Flash object not refreshing)


Under the hood, I was wondering what Control-F5 for a browser does.

To me, it clears the cache and refreshes images/text/controls/etc. I get that.


What about Flash objects? I've been trying to refresh a page with a Flash control and it doesn't seem to refresh to the latest. It would only refresh after I manually clear the cache.


Alright so after some investigation it appears that clearing the cache with Control-F5 in IE7 does not delete/clear the xml file that the flash object reads from.

It appears to check if the file exists and if so, it will use that file instead regardless if there's a newer version.

One way to get around this was to make the browser treat each request as if it is requesting a new file and so I had to generate a random number and append it as:

In ActionScript:

var xmlPath = "/settings.xml?rand=" + getTimer();  

Also, if there are flash component changes, you can also do the same by appending a random number to the flash SWF file that is being loaded.


<body onkeydown="   document.onkeydown = function(e)    {        if(e) document.onkeypress = function(){return true;}        var evt = e?e:event;      if(evt.keyCode==116)       {           //your code        }  } ">  

you must put the code in the body event, when you press any key, this function handle every key, in the case of F5 the code is 116


Seems like you're using Firefox try control-shift-R ;)

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