Tutorial :can you recommend a really super native delphi graphing engine? [closed]


we've been using Pro Essentials graph (gigasoft.com) but it doesn't play nicely with delphi so it's been causing problems.

we need to display waveforms and bar graphs (not at the same time). the waveforms could have thousands of points. we need something pretty full-featured that's a "living" product.

our app is a native win32 delphi 2009 app.

thank you for your suggestions!


Try TeeChart



how about aggpas ?


I'd try out the LMD ChartPack. LMD has been making native Delphi products for years - if they handle your scenario, they will probably work quite well.

Some wave forms and bar graphics should both be able to be done with that.


Try this link. It has many components listed just for Delphi.


Try our RMChart.

Not native Delphi component but a freeware one and I have been using it in many of my apps.

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