Tutorial :Can someone point me to a very reliable network communication library? [closed]


Can someone give me a link to a very reliable asynchronous communication library created using sockets which can simply send text messages from client to server and vice versa?

The asynchronous library should work without memory leakage even if the client and server programs are fully closed and then re-opened and re-connected repetitively.It's alright even if you could give me code snippets to achieve the same.


Edit: WCF is part of .Net 3.5. But we need to stick to .Net 2.o since it installs faster on the users pc. The customer doesn't want .Net 3.5.


If the built-in types don't work for your needs, have you heard of Mockets? You will probably have to contact the people there for more information, but it basically behaves with TCP reliability but runs over UDP.

Also, what is the reason you need to use sockets? If you really have no strict requirement for them, how about using message queues? You would get the async messaging, message persistence over application lifetime, and it works in 2.0.

EDIT: I saw this other post regarding installing MSMQ from your own installer.


In c#? Assuming you are targeting the .net platform? The .net framework comes with plenty of classes for networking. Look in the System.Net namespace and the documentation for it on msdn.


Checkout networkComms.net, an open source network library written in .Net. It's available from .Net2 upwards and can be successfully restarted multiple times. I'm a developer for this library.

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