Tutorial :Can my requirements be met with JMX?


I am completely new to JMX. I have a specific requirement and wanted to know if it is possible to accomplish within the scope of JMX.


I have a set of resources which include many weblogic instances, jBoss instances and Tomcat instances running across many servers. Now I need a one stop solution, UI to monitor these resources, check their current status and if they are down, I need to start and stop them from that webpage.

Is this possible using JMX?


You could use nagios combined with check_jmx to monitor (create statistics) and may trigger a restart of a resource. (I'm not sure if can trigger a restart direct via JMX)


Check out Jopr, http://www.jboss.org/jopr/


jmx4perl comes with a full featured Nagios Plugin check_jmx4perl for access JMX information. It comes with a set of preconfigured check for various resources, currently for JBoss, Tomcat and Jetty (more are in the pipeline).

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