Tutorial :Can IIS supporting ASP.NET and WAMP supporting PHP coexist on the same server?


Can IIS supporting ASP.NET and WAMP supporting PHP coexist on the same server?

We already have a WAMP stack setup on a Windows Server 2003 box to support some internal PHP applications, and I want to also setup CI Factory on that box which will try to configure IIS to support it's ASP.NET based dashboard. I want to make sure that there isn't a big chance of fubarring the WAMP stack that is already there. Will it be smart enough to handle *.PHP through Apache and *.aspx through IIS ?

Edit: Is there a way to get this to work on the same port?


For example IIS on non-standard port (e.g. 8080) and Apache redirecting traffic to IIS via mod_proxy.

Separate vhosts:

<VirtualHost lamp.example.com>    # standard vhost configuration  </VirtualHost>    <VirtualHost aspx.example.com>    ProxyPass / aspx.example.com:8080  </VirtualHost>  

One vhost:

<VirtualHost www.example.com>    ProxyPassMatch ^/(.*\.aspx) www.example.com:8080/$1      # ... standard vhost configuration for LAMP  </VirtualHost>  


Yes. Both will run under IIS in a Windows server.


It's certainly possible. I have IIS+ASP+MSSQL and XAMPP (apache+PHP+MySQL) installed on my development machine and both of them don't interrupt work of another another. Atleast while different ports are used


As mentioned before, yes. If it helps to provide "real world examples", the GoDaddy account that I'm currently hosting my sites on gives me both stacks. I have a couple SMF forums that are PHP/MySQL based and I have a web application that is .NET 3.5/SQL Server 2005 based and they run just fine.

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