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I'm want to create a CRM app for me just for fun and to learn more about Cocoa, because CRM application evolve based on a Calendar, I wonder where can I get that cool Calendar control that iCal has in the iPhone.

I can't see it in my Library and I'm using SDK 3.0 beta 5.

And by the way, where can I get a free/paid controls collection like there are so many for the .NET world?

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Late to the party, but this question is answered here:

Is there any ready-made calendar control for iPhone apps?


Apple does not make the iPhone-style calendar UI part of the public API. You'll need to build your own calendar or contract it out.


This thread on the Apple Support forums confirms what Alex Reynolds says:

No, does not exist (except in Apple's private library). I had to build one from scratch (actually I "outsourced" building the custom class to a Colorado iPhone development outfit via eLance) in order to develop my calendar-based app

The only thing I could find was this, which is a iPhone calendar control. It doesn't look identical to Apple's one, but it's close (and would probably be a good starting point if you need it to look similar)

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