Tutorial :C# to Oxygene code converter


I know CodeGear made BabelCode that uses the Code DOM to convert C# to Delphi for .NET. I am curious if there are any other similar tools to convert C# to Delphi Prism? If not, what is involved in using the Code DOM to create one (yeah, that is open ended!)

Update: This is now built into Delphi Prism. Just paste or import your C# and you have Oxygene aka Delphi Prism Code.


It's in its early stages but Carlo just published a first revision of his open source "C# to Oxygene" tool:



One option I saw was to use .NET Reflector on the C# compiled assembly. It has an Oxygene syntax. That is kind of the long way around and not exactly optimal.


Use BabelCode to convert your C# to Delphi, and then use Oxidizer to convert Delphi to Prism. Not a stellar idea, I realize, but it might at least be a little more automatable than going through Reflector. Good luck.

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