Tutorial :C# script in XSLT: “msxsl:script cannot be empty” error


I have an XSLT with a C# script in it:

<msxsl:script language="C#" implements-prefix="user">    <msxsl:using namespace="System.Xml"/>    <msxsl:using namespace="System.Xml.XPath"/>    <![CDATA[      public string GetMenuPath(XPathNodeIterator node)      {               XPathNavigator dataSourceNode = node.Current;        return dataSourceNode.Name;      }    ]]>  </msxsl:script>  

And somewhere in the XSLT this function is called:

<xsl:value-of select="user:GetMenuPath(current())"/>  

But as I try to run the XSLT transformation on the XML input (the input does not matter), it stop immediately with the error "msxsl:script cannot be empty".

I have absolutely no idea why... I use nxslt with .NET Framework.

Thank you for help !


Thank you for your answers, I found out the origin of the problem now. It was because I was using the "style" tag instead of "nxslt" for calling the XSLT transformation. "style" works as long as there is no extension script.

<nxslt style="transformation.xsl" in="input.xml" out="output.xls" verbose="true">  


Does it give you the line that the transformation stops on? Is it where it is calling from or in the script tag?


Have you tried putting your extension method into a separate assembly and referencing it that way?


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