Tutorial :C#: Running and Debugging a Windows Service


I am currently building a Windows Service with C# and I just can't figure out how to debug it.

I am building it and then registering with installutil:

> installutil MusicRepo_FileMonitor.exe    The Commit phase completed successfully.    The transacted install has completed.  

And as you can see above, it is supposedly being registered successfully, but I can't find it in services.smc. I have also tried starting the service with net start [ServiceName] but it's telling me The service name is invalid. so I guess it's not finding it.

For the record, I'm on Vista and I'm developing the ws with .Net 3.5




Try Task Manager and see if you see MusicRepo_FileMonitor.exe. If not, then the service is definitely not running.

Alternatively, in Visual Studio, Debug > Attach to Process, check show processes from all users, and see if its there.


Upon further research, I realized that I had no Installer attached to the service, so the problem was now fixed by adding an Installer.

Here is the tutorial I used to add a Service Installer and so on.

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