Tutorial :Boost Fusion articles, examples, tutorials?


Do you know any good resources/articles/examples of boost::fusion library usage?

Boost Fusion looks extremely interesting, I think I understand how it works and how to use the basics, but I'm looking for some resources that show any interesting usage/practices e.g. articles or blogs (apart from boost.org itself).


I thought the comment by johannes-schaub-litb should be an answer, as I nearly overlooked it.

So here it is: Johannes' excellent example.

There are also some other examples in Stackoverflow. I particularly liked the first answer here.


Seems like there aren't as many articles/posts about the usage (apart from the actual boost documentation of course).



Brief intro to Fusion, but you might prefer it to docs.


Here is what I have found while trying to learn fusion :

  • the slides of the boostcon 09 presentation of fusion by one of its authors
  • the slides of the talk of Michael Caisse at boostcon 13 (NoSenseEtAl provided a link to the recording of the talk)

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