Tutorial :Better way to deploy to Windows Mobile Device


I have been working on a Windows Mobile app for a little while now (havnt done much work with mobile before) and i have been having a problem when deploying to my mobile, at the moment i can only run the application once then if i want to run it again i have to do a soft reset.

Maybe im deploying wrong? (pretty sure i am actually, im pretty much just copying the .exe file across and running it.)

What is a better way for me to deploy my application so that it can run more than once per reset? At the moment when i try to run it for the 2nd time on my mobile nothing at all happens (yet it works fine using the Windows Mobile 6.1 emulator)


CAB files are the preferred way to deploy Windows Mobile applications. Check out this MSDN article:

CAB Files for Delivering Windows Mobile Applications

I've had some success with putting a CAB file on a web server and simply http'ing to it to download and install the CAB.

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