Tutorial :ASP.NET: Get node selected on an ASP.NET TreeView by Client Side JavaScript


I need to know the selected node's depth from a ASP.NET Treeview on client side.

Is there anyway to know this?

Thank you!


Not that I like doing it this way and if time permits I'll try and find another method;

        var id = TreeView2_Data.selectedNodeID.value;  //Get the Selectednode id of tv with asp.net id of TreeView2      if (id.length > 0) {          var selectedNode = document.getElementById(id);  //Get the Selectnode object  -> selectedNode.innerText will give you the text of the node          if ((typeof (selectedNode) != "undefined") && (selectedNode != null)) {              //Determine the depth of the select node              var nodeDepth = selectedNode.host.split('\\\\').length  // the separator is the default single \. Tv adds the extra on and of course we have to add 2 for the string literals.              //node depth wil always be one more than the real node depth, so root is one.              if (nodeDepth >= 4) {                     //Do stuff or return value              }          }      }  

Hope it helps. Post back if you find an alternative.

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