Tutorial :Any gotchas with Request.Params [ASP.NET]


Hopefully the answer is no, but are there any problems with using Request.Params instead of Request.QueryString for retrieving data in the query string in asp.net?


Not a gotcha as such, but just be aware that request.querystring is much lighter - request.params returns cookies, form variables, server variables and the querystring whereas request.querystring of course just returns the querystring value.


No, unless you happen to have Forms collection fields with the same field name as an argument name in the Query collection -- then you will get an array when you only expected a single key/value pair.


Already answered in When do Request.Params and Request.Form differ?

It talks about request.form but it is the same for request.querystring


No gotchas. Request.Params is just a bit more full featured.

Now, if you were serializing and saving it to the database, it would be wasteful of bytes, but thats about it.

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