Tutorial :Aligning checkboxes via inherited css?


I have a php page, which launches a popup window containing a form with checkboxes. The originating window includes an external stylesheet.

The form html for the popup window is:

<form name="statusForm" action="post.php=" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">  <label for="Test">Test:</label>  <input name="checkboxes[]" value="Test" type="checkbox">  <br>  <label for="Test">TestTest:</label>  <input name="checkboxes[]" value="Test" type="checkbox">  <br>  <label for="Test">TestTestTest:</label>  <input name="checkboxes[]" value="Test" type="checkbox">  <br>  <input name="Submit" value="submit" type="submit">  </form>  

The form has been trimmed, and fields renamed to test for posting..

In the external stylesheet, I have:

label {      min-width: 5em;  }  

The checkboxes are still not aligned. Do I have to included the stylesheet explicitly in the html of the popup window, or is it something else?


Yes, the popup window needs to be its own full HTML page.


Unless it is an AJAX popup, in which case it does NOT need to be a full HTML page.


New windows don't inherit any kind of stylesheet rules from their parents.

Also, if you're using Firefox, I urge you to install the Firebug extension, which will allow you to 'Inspect' an HTML element to see (and even modify) the active CSS rules.


Keep in mind that min-width is not supported in Internet Explorer 6. Also, I'd use some dividing element like <div> or <li> (within an <ul>) rather than a <br />.


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