Tutorial :“Case folding” error trying to clone a mercurial repo


I try to clone a local mercurial repository on windows.

I get this error:

   C:\temp\toolkit1.1>hg clone \src\toolkit     destination directory: toolkit     updating working directory     abort: case-folding collision between sdk/Api.h and sdk/api.h  

It looks like I changed capitalization of API.H at some point, but I don't know how to resolve this. Any tips?

I am using the version: 1.2.1


This is a problem that sometimes occurs when you work with a Mercurial repository on a case-insensitive file system (Windows). See the Fixing Case Collisions on the Mercurial wiki.

Probably the easiest is if you have access to a Unix computer check out the project there and remove the offending file, merging changes first (if any), then commit and push.


I fixed this by renaming the file in windows to Api.h.old. Committing that. Then renaming to Api.h with corrected capitalization. Commiting again.

Then clone worked.

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