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There are many 3D UI engines in SourceForge and other opensource forum, I would like know which is best one you used?

  1. Support D3D in Windows
  2. Provide UI Builder tool
  3. Support Auto Layout
  4. Easy to do localization



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CrystalSpace 3D

License: LGPL license
Language: C++

CrystalSpace is really full-featured. With 2d and 3d modules, sound modules, physics and collision detection.


License: LGPL licence
Language: C++ Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

OGRE is a very active framework, but it's not a full-featured framework. You have to find separate sound physic engines. There is support for a lot of advanced features like shaders. A menu module is included too.


License: Irrlicht licence (similar to zlib)
Language: C++


Licence: zlib (only the source code, not the media)

Quake III Engine

License: GPL (only source code, not the media)
3D-driver: OpenGL


A lot more can be found on wikipedia.


Check out PyQt - it is available under GPL and a commercial license and has canvas type windows for 3d surfaces.

You can use its powerful GUI for tools and embed the 3d view inside it.


If you're making a game, this might not be appropriate but you might want to look at WPF.

The latest version supports a certain amount of integration with D3D.

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