Ubuntu: Zip files into weekly archive with week number


I am trying to take a weekly archive of a folder to separate zip files.

find . -name '*.txt' -ctime +7 -exec zip "archive-$("date+%Y-%U").zip" {} \;  

I am stuck on how to name the zip file. Any alternate way to do this would also be welcome. (like better compression using 7z or something else)


This should be enough for your case:

 find . -name '*.txt' -ctime +7 | zip archive-$(date +%Y%U).zip -@  


find . -name '*.txt' -ctime +7 | zip archive-$(date +%Y%U).zip -@  


  adding: a.txt (stored 0%)    adding: b.txt (stored 0%)  

Now to make sure of naming:


output is:

archive-201525.zip  a.txt  b.txt  c  


First date has a format of YYYYMMDD, which is how I name my backups. Second example is week number (%U) with leading zero like you asked. Oops, gotta escape those backquotes.

#!/bin/bash # Do 'man strftime' for more date format options. mydate=`date +"%Y%m%d"` basedir=/home/username/backups zipfile=$basedir/backup-$mydate.zip echo File name is $zipfile # Now get week number with %U. mydate=`date +"%U"` echo Mydate with week number is $mydate zipfile=$basedir/backup-$mydate.zip echo Zipfile is $zipfile


Try this script:

#!/bin/sh     Case (find) in       name="true"       name="(name.zip)"       find . -name '*.txt' -ctime +7 'name=("name of the file")' -exec zip "archive-$("date+%Y-%U").zip" {} \;     endl  

and it might work fine this way.

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