Ubuntu: When installing Xubuntu during the installation my internal SSD is not showing up


I am trying to install Xubuntu on a Sony Vaio i5 8gbRAM 500gb ssd, with a current installation of Windows 10. My goal is to replace Windows 10 with Xubuntu.

The live instance will load perfectly fine and when in the live instance of Xubuntu I can see my SSD and access the files without any issues. My problem is that when I try to install Xubuntu, during the partition process, my ssd is not available for use, only the USB drive I am using to install from.

I have disabled secure boot, and enabled secure boot both with the same outcome, Other then those two options I do not have any other options in the BIOS.

I have also tried installing Debian with the same results.

I would appreciate any help.


I wouldn't replace Windows 10 with Ubuntu, I'd recommend setting up a dual-boot configuration. This way if you need to do BIOS updates, or run Windows apps that have no Ubuntu counterpart, you'll still be able to.

The reason the Ubuntu installer can't see the SSD can be for a couple of reasons.

  1. The disk is setup as a pseudo-RAID by the manufacturer
    • This would require a reformat to solve
  2. Windows has a hibernation file which won't allow mounting in the Ubuntu installer
    • This can be solved by:

In Windows:

  • open the Power control panel
  • choose change what power buttons do
  • choose change options that are unavailable
  • uncheck fast startup
  • close Power control panel
  • open an administrative command prompt window
  • disable hibernation: run powercfg /h off
  • run chkdsk /f c: and approve to run at reboot
  • close administrative command prompt window
  • reboot Windows to allow chkdsk to test/repair your C: drive
  • reboot to the Ubuntu Live DVD/USB and retry installation.

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