Ubuntu: What are the options to add a full automatic underline in Libre office writer?


In Ubuntu 16.04 I edit a document with Libre Office Writer.

In my document I have an heading and some text. Consider:

Heading 1:    Some text...  

I want to reach a state when it looks something like this:

Heading 1:____________________________________________    Some text...  

Desired solution features:

  • The line should take full width of one row (from it's starting point).

  • I need a way to edit the graphics of the line (change it's color, stroke, etc).

Seemingly inefficient solutions:

  • Using the regular underline (U) isn't automatic and can brake down in some narrow displays. I should note that if there is a clear distinction between U and border-bottom (as there is in HTML-CSS, a border-bottom solution might be good).
  • Using a drawed line is also inautomatic, and has a quite of a chance of being asymetrical.


Except the starting position of the line, adding a border at the bottom would be the best solution. You can achieve this the following way:

  1. Open the Styles and formatting dialogue (hit F11, or select Menu View -> Styles and Formatting);
  2. Select the "Heading 1" style (single left click);
  3. Right-click to open context menu, select "Modify";
  4. Select the "Borders" tab;
  5. Add a bottom border, by clicking just below the gray rectangle in the "User defined" field at the left;
  6. Set line style, line width, and color as desired;
  7. Hit OK;
  8. Repeat 2-7 for other Heading styles, if required.

Border properties of paragraph style

That's it - now, every paragraph with "Heading 1" style should have a line at the bottom, with the desired color and so on.

As already pointed out in my comment, the border will always start at the beginning of the line. But since the line hase some small distance to the heading, any underlining will still be visible.

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