Ubuntu: Ubuntu server terminal doesn't resize screen in VirtualBox


(Not talking about resizing the desktop edition as most other questions do.)

I've installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 server 64-bit in VirtualBox 4.3.10 (not .20, which apparently isn't compatible) but the screen won't grow beyond 80x50 or something like that:

enter image description here

I've gone through the steps to install the official guest additions, which ultimately fail with an X.Org error. Well, duh. I need a server box, without a window manager.

How do I make the terminal match the resolution of the VirtualBox window?


I've since installed virtualbox-guest-utils and rebooted numerous times. The "Autoresize Guest Display" option is still disabled.

Has nobody else encountered this problem? Or do you just ssh into the box?


The auto-resize feature is for the X Window System.

From VirtualBox Manual - Graphics and mouse integration:

In Linux and Solaris guests, VirtualBox graphics and mouse integration goes through the X Window System. ...After installing the Guest Additions into a fresh installation of a supported Linux distribution..., the guest's graphics mode will change to fit the size of the VirtualBox window on the host when it is resized.

Your best option is probably to SSH into the machine (using PuTTY). In that case, here's a few questions to see next:


Try to install the guest additions using -

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils

and reboot.

Then, press host+g to fit the guest in the virtualbox window.


The solution posted here addresses the problem. The solution is to change the terminal window size within the VM machine.

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