Ubuntu: Ubuntu one password forgotten


I was trying to activate Ubuntu-one on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. After all entries were completed the system replied that e-mail has already been used. I remembered that some years back I tried Ubuntu on my system and may have created a Ubuntu-One account. I don't have password which i used at that time.



Use this link: https://login.ubuntu.com/+forgot_password

Enter your Email address on the box. (The Email address you used to register on Ubuntu One.) They will send you an Email.

Either: 1) Ignore the Second step of the above page. Simply, open the link on the Email, and choose a new password. 2) If you had problem with openning the link, copy/paste the Code they send you on the Email, in the second step of the above page.

More information can be found on FAQ page.


Assuming you still have access to that email address,

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