Ubuntu: Ubuntu Installer doesn't detect Windows 10


When I try to install Ubuntu 16.10 from a USB stick, the installer does not detect the presence of Windows 10. I would like to dual boot. Since I am a beginner, I have no idea how to make partitions. Is there anyway to get the installer to detect Windows 10?


Make sure that you have turned off quick startup in Windows and do a full shutdown by holding shift when you click shutdown to disable quick startup. If you dont do this, the Windows partition cannot be mounted by linux to see that there is a Windows partition.



I know this is too late for OP, but for anyone googling, for me it was secure boot being the issue. I tried to disable secure boot initially via the BIOS, but for some reason the option was hidden behind CSM (which I later googled and found out meant Compatibility Support Module) which I disabled, and then I could disable secure boot. I was then allowed to install Ubuntu alongside Windows.

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