Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 Not Booting from USB but works in VM


I am trying to get Ubuntu 16.04 on my USB and boot it from there. I have used a LiLi USB Creator and put Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit on it with a VM there aswell. When I run it from VM it launches and wants to do the installation process or to log me in, but I don't have an account.

But when I go into my BIOS and set it to boot from the USB it goes to the purple screen, goes to a black screen where it has the writing of what it's doing, I believe it unpacks somethings. And then my monitors stop receiving video input and i'm left with darkness and nothing happens even after 10 minutes.

I've tried doing research to find the solution but I couldn't find anything.

Black screen after this: https://gyazo.com/8b1b847da7d53cb6917ed6cfb3f8543c

Edit: On VM I choose to 'Try Ubuntu' but then I get a black screen.


Perform these steps:

First configure the bios to permitt logging in without loading the drivers with the nomodeset grub parameter.

  1) Boot to your Grub menu  2) Hit e to edit.  3) Find the line that begins with `linux`.  Append to this line **nomodeset**  4) Hit `F10` to save and boot.  


To ENTER the grub menu from a legacy LiveUSB boot, press ESC when the computer first start to boot to the stick. This will skip the GUI and give you a text option.

  • Select your language (Press ENTER)
  • Press F6 (Other Options), then hit ESC.
  • Now use the arrows to add nomodeset as a parameter after the words quiet splash.
  • Press ENTER to continue boot with the selected options.

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