Ubuntu: Trying to XAMPP on Ubuntu 14.04


I install XAMPP and installation is successful but I am not able to start XAMPP. I get the following message:

Starting XAMPP for Linux 5.6.14-0...  XAMPP: Starting Apache...fail.  XAMPP:  Another web server is already running.  XAMPP: Starting MySQL...ok.  XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...fail.  XAMPP:  Another FTP daemon is already running.  


From line 3 >>>

XAMPP: Another web server is already running.

I Think. This mean the apache is already running.

PS. Sorry for my ugly english.


What happens if you try to access http://localhost in your browser? It's likely that another webserver is already running.

On top of that, lsof and netstat can give good visibility into what process is listening on what port. All sorts of programs sometimes bind to ports.

lsof -i :80  


sudo netstat -peanut | grep ":80"  

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