Ubuntu: To access hidden Windows fileserver in local network


I know the name of the network, my username and password. The network is on Windows-7s filesharing. However, I cannot see in FileBrowser, the network because it is apparently hidden.

I have done this in accessing the network folder of the fileserver

  • In Windows Server, I see FileServer address is \\masistrogage3.geek.meplease.fi so I added it to Domain, instead of default WORKGROUP. I also tried //masistorage3.geekmeplease.fi with unix-like forward flashes but I think I should use those Windows-specific backward flashes also in the unix-box.
  • username masi
  • passsword masimasi

but I do not get in.

How can you connect to hidden networks in local network?


You can try this:

  1. on the server: find the IP address. In windows machines, I think you can run ipconfig in a terminal --- see here.

  2. In Ubuntu, open Files, and then choose "Connect to server": enter image description here

  3. input smb://you.ip.here./ --- if the server is configured to serve SMB shares and to list them, which are the default way of sharing in Windows, it should ask user and password, and let you browse the shares.

Otherwise, there can be literally millions of possible configurations ("literally, literally..." -cit.), and you should ask your system/network manager.

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