Ubuntu: Starting Dropbox behind a proxy server


There are a few posts here that claim to solve the problem I am having but they do unfortunately not work.

I have managed to install dropbox through the proxy server using the command

sudo https_proxy="http://username:password@your_proxy:proxy_port" dropbox start -i  

and Dropbox seemed to download and install properly.

Now however when I want to start dropbox i get the following screen:

enter image description here

Any advice on starting Dropbox through a proxy server?


The following worked for me, in case someone else is struggling with this issue, I'm gonna post a step by step procedure on how one can go about setting their proxy on dropbox. Right click Dropbox from the system tray, and click on Preference > proxy, see below for step-by-step screenshots:

Right click to see dropbox preference preference

Click on "proxy":


set your proxy accordingly:

set your proxy


You can right click on the dropbox icon in the systray and manually configure the proxy from the preferences.

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