Ubuntu: Some users cannot connect to Samba share


A LAN network resource configuration issue:

Ubuntu 16.04 server/workstation, Ubuntu 16.04 client/laptop. Same two users on both, let's say A and B. Samba is installed on both machines. On the server, A and B are established as Samba users with the same passwords as each has on the system. A server/workstation directory is specified as a writable Samba share with access granted to both users, and is established as a Local Network Share with both users granted create and delete permissions.

Here's the problem: One can access the network share on the server/workstation from the client/laptop using A's credentials but not B's. The shares are obviously visible and accessible, just only with one set of credentials. What we need is for each user to be able to access the network directory with his own credentials, not others'.

Any thoughts on causes and solutions would be most appreciated.

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