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Throughout the internet I have seen many people with scripts that prints out a bunch of stuff in all the colors defined in ~/.Xdefaults. However when I try to use these, I always get error: Bad Substitution. Does anyone have a working script that does the same thing?

It should end up looking something like this: enter image description here


Here is my solution with Bash only:

for x in {0..8}; do       for i in {30..37}; do           for a in {40..47}; do               echo -ne "\e[$x;$i;$a""m\\\e[$x;$i;$a""m\e[0;37;40m "          done          echo      done  done  echo ""  


for x in {0..8}; do for i in {30..37}; do for a in {40..47}; do echo -ne "\e[$x;$i;$a""m\\\e[$x;$i;$a""m\e[0;37;40m "; done; echo; done; done; echo ""  

Here's a picture in Cygwin:

Cygwin screenshot


Here's my version:

#!/usr/bin/env python  import sys  terse = "-t" in sys.argv[1:] or "--terse" in sys.argv[1:]  write = sys.stdout.write  for i in range(2 if terse else 10):      for j in range(30, 38):          for k in range(40, 48):              if terse:                  write("\33[%d;%d;%dm%d;%d;%d\33[m " % (i, j, k, i, j, k))              else:                  write("%d;%d;%d: \33[%d;%d;%dm Hello, World! \33[m \n" %                        (i, j, k, i, j, k,))          write("\n")  

This prints everything. If you want a nice table (that only shows style (0) and (1), normal and bold), you can use the -t or --terse argument:

The 'blink' style (5) doesn't work with gnome-terminal. ;-)

If this doesn't work for you, there's something else wrong. Please let us know once you've tested it.


You can also use the colortest Install colortest package.

  1. Install it with this command:

    sudo apt-get install colortest  
  2. It provides several commands which you can use, depending on how many colors you want:

    colortest-16   colortest-16b  colortest-256  colortest-8  

Example output from colortest-16b:

enter image description here


Recently wanted to find that script that many people are refering myself. It's from the tldp.org Bash Prompt HOWTO - http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/x329.html. The script is authored by Daniel Crisman.

It outputs exactly the same as on the pic from the question. The script itself:

#!/bin/bash  #  #   This file echoes a bunch of color codes to the   #   terminal to demonstrate what's available.  Each   #   line is the color code of one forground color,  #   out of 17 (default + 16 escapes), followed by a   #   test use of that color on all nine background   #   colors (default + 8 escapes).  #    T='gYw'   # The test text    echo -e "\n                 40m     41m     42m     43m\       44m     45m     46m     47m";    for FGs in '    m' '   1m' '  30m' '1;30m' '  31m' '1;31m' '  32m' \             '1;32m' '  33m' '1;33m' '  34m' '1;34m' '  35m' '1;35m' \             '  36m' '1;36m' '  37m' '1;37m';    do FG=${FGs// /}    echo -en " $FGs \033[$FG  $T  "    for BG in 40m 41m 42m 43m 44m 45m 46m 47m;      do echo -en "$EINS \033[$FG\033[$BG  $T  \033[0m";    done    echo;  done  echo  


i made a little script for that :)

you pass it a number n and it spits out n colored lines along with each color's ansi index (you can use it in $(tput setaf <ansi-index>)).

here's a screenshot of the (partial) output:


i also got this one, which i forked (and slightly modified) from twerth:

#!/usr/bin/env bash    echo -e "\033[0mNC (No color)"  echo -e "\033[1;37mWHITE\t\033[0;30mBLACK"  echo -e "\033[0;34mBLUE\t\033[1;34mLIGHT_BLUE"  echo -e "\033[0;32mGREEN\t\033[1;32mLIGHT_GREEN"  echo -e "\033[0;36mCYAN\t\033[1;36mLIGHT_CYAN"  echo -e "\033[0;31mRED\t\033[1;31mLIGHT_RED"  echo -e "\033[0;35mPURPLE\t\033[1;35mLIGHT_PURPLE"  echo -e "\033[0;33mYELLOW\t\033[1;33mLIGHT_YELLOW"  echo -e "\033[1;30mGRAY\t\033[0;37mLIGHT_GRAY"  

… which, in my current theme, shows:

terminal puts out (it's colors)!


Refer https://askubuntu.com/a/396555/41013 That will print the following output with formats like BOLD ,UNDERLINE , Highlighting and colors.

Small script to display possible terminal colors


This is a modified version of the TLDP script here. It shows standard colors and vivid colors (codes 90-97 and 100-107).

#!/bin/bash  # Show available terminal colours.  # Heavily modified version of the TLDP script here:  # http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/x329.html    print_colors(){    # Print column headers.    printf "%-4s  " '' ${bgs[@]}    echo    # Print rows.    for bold in ${bolds[@]}; do      for fg in ${fgs[@]}; do        # Print row header        printf "%s;%s  " $bold $fg        # Print cells.        for bg in ${bgs[@]}; do          # Print cell.          printf "\e[%s;%s;%sm%s\e[0m  " $bold $fg $bg "text"        done        echo      done    done  }    # Print standard colors.  bolds=( 0 1 )  fgs=( 3{0..7} )  bgs=( 4{0..8} )  print_colors    # Print vivid colors.  bolds=( 0 ) # Bold vivid is the same as bold normal.  fgs=( 9{0..7} )  bgs=( 10{0..8} )  print_colors  

Example output:

gnome-terminal screenshot

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