Ubuntu: Panel on the right: how?


I love the right panel I use in Windows (see the picture). I tried to mimick the same under Ubuntu interface, also via XFCE and OpenBox. NONE of them support this option natively, everywhere you need to apply a lot of tweaks that work not very stable. This seems to be ridiculously simple, yet very hard to implement.

if you have the "dock" on the right, can you please share your experience? I am stuck.

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Xfce can replicate exactly what your screen shot above does. Here is my screen shot of something very similar I have created on my desktop. (Please overlook minor aesthetics like color etc.)

Xfce side panel

  1. Open Panel Preferences and set Mode to Deskbar.
  2. Go ahead and add your program launchers. These can be dragged from your menu. You will also want to add the other items you want with the plus button under the Items tab.
  3. To have a gap between the top and bottom, insert a separator between your Window Buttons item and the Launchers. Set the Separator to transparent and check expand.
  4. Next go to Display > Measurements. You will need to play around with Row Size, Number of rows, and Length, but after fiddling with it you should be able to get just what you want.

Please note that in regard to icon size, you can use whatever image you want for your icons.

Xfce is really customizable, so you should be able to get just what you like.


I'm not sure how this could be done for Unity, for for the XFCE panel, you can right click the panel, go to "Panel Preferences" and make sure the "Lock Panel" is unchecked. Then you will get a couple of handles on the top and left with which you can drag the panel to the place of your liking. You can then go back and recheck the "Lock Panel" switch to lock it in place.

Openbox does not come with a default panel, so you may be using a different panel without knowing, so look at the preferences and documentation for that particular panel for more information on how to move it to the right side of the screen.


There is a .deb called "Docky" on the Ubuntu Software Center that you can put on any edge of the screen. I've never had any problems with it and it looks much better than the default launcher.

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