Ubuntu: Overwrite Windows XP with Ubuntu?


I have a Compaq Mini 110C with Windows XP. I'd like to run Ubuntu on it instead. It's a very old computer and I can't log into it as I don't remember my password. I don't care about any of the software or files on the computer.

Is there a way to install Ubuntu so that it overwrites XP where I don't have to log in to install it? The computer doesn't have a disk drive.


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Dont forget that this is not a PC but a netbook so a full version of Ubuntu can disapoint you by his responce time.

To check if the netbook is able to boot on a USB stick you could need to enter the CMOS and change the boot sequence. http://dfarq.homeip.net/2011/01/how-to-make-hp-and-compaq-computers-boot-off-usb/



Of course you can. Using the unetbootin software you can create a bootable thumb drive from the ISO. Boot using this thumb drive. On the install wizard, select Erase disk and install Ubuntu option. This is clear out the entire drive and install ubuntu on it. Hope this helps.

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I have this same computer. It works OK with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as long as I use the 2d desktop. Pretty slow with the 3d desktop. Since the new versions of Ubuntu don't have the 2d desktop, I strongly suggest installing Lubuntu (or Xubuntu, but I have no experience with that flavor).

To boot off the USB on this computer, just restart, and press F9 as soon as the text prompt appears. Then select the USB in the menu that appears.

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