Ubuntu: No settings in System Settings app in 16.04


Title says it all, really. For some reason, there are absolutely no settings available in the System Settings app:

No settings :(

Even if I go into the settings via other apps, they still don't appear. When I installed gnome-system-settings, they showed up in that app but didn't work.

I've tried reinstalling ubuntu-desktop, but I'm pretty sure that only works for 14.04.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


I had that problem i think, there were only a few options on the settings. I found out that XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP can be set to something wrong, so the settings doesnt appear. I created a script which just unsets the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP variable, and then it works.

#!/bin/sh  unset XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP  unity-control-center  


Welp, figured it out, and the answer is kind of irritating.

DON'T HIDE THINGS IN THE UNITY MENU USING A MENU EDITOR. That was the sole reason. Once I unhid the settings, they all came back.

I assume the app reads from the menu to find out what settings to have, and if it doesn't exist in the menu, it doesn't exist in the settings either. That's kind of annoying, to be honest; I would have thought it'd make more sense to have that be independent, but oh well.

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