Ubuntu: no crontab for [username] - using an empty one


I want to run a bash file (abc.sh) on the desktop that runs a python file on the desktop as well. How can I do that?

I tried to do the following simple task just to test the crontab: (here the abc.sh script is supposed to make a folder on the desktop):

What I did on Terminal:

crontab -e  

Added the following below all the comment when crontab opened in the terminal itself.

* * * * * abc.sh  

Code inside abc.sh:

#!/bin/bash  cd /home/ebrisk/Desktop  mkdir "testcrontab"  

I understand that it might have to do something with the PATH environment variables but that's about it. I don't understand their answers.



sudo crontab -e

Under the line

m h  dom mon dow   command  


* * * * * sh /path-to-your-script/abc.sh  

Be sure to make the scipt with execute permission

chmod +x abc.sh  


I had the same problem. I figured out while I selected an editor to create my cron jobs, I always used to rename the files with a suitable name I could identify. This time around I kept the name as suggested by system and did not rename the file. This is first time I was using crontab on my system. And it worked. I saw o/p on terminal saying installing crontab. So for the first time I think you have to go with the suggested name.

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