Ubuntu: nmap -v -p 515 [duplicate]


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After running the following command:

nmap -v -p 515  

Ubuntu Show this Message:

PORT    STATE  SERVICE  515/tcp closed printer  

How To Change Closed to Open ?


Port 515/tcp is the line printer spooler port. You could run a print spooler to listen to port 515, but....

The modern, Ubuntu way is to use CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), which listens to the Internet Printing Protocol on port 631/tcp. Read man cups. Administer CUPS with a browser pointer to http://localhost:631

And, an easier way to see what's listening (or not) to a port is with lsof (and you get more information):

$ sudo lsof -i tcp:515 -i tcp:631  [sudo] password for w3:   COMMAND   PID USER   FD   TYPE  DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME  cupsd   17693 root   10u  IPv4 4833522      0t0  TCP *:ipp (LISTEN)  cupsd   17693 root   11u  IPv6 4833523      0t0  TCP *:ipp (LISTEN)  

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