Ubuntu: Need to install specific version of LAMP prerequisites on Ubuntu 14.04 desktop LTS


I need to install below specific version on Ubuntu Linux (desktop 64-bit 14.04 LTS) how can I do that please help

  • PHP 5.3.28
  • Mysql 5.5.38
  • Apache 2.2.26

Any help will be highly appreciable



To install the latest Apache version, simly run these commands on Terminal:

sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install apache2  

To use the PHP and MySQL versions you mentioned, you simply need to install them following this general rule:

apt-get install <package name>=<version>  

But before doing that, I seriously do not understand why you need to use old software: new software versions are there not for fun but mainly for fixing security vulnerabilities (of which PHP is famous).

Finally, I prefer to quote from here:

Unless you do a full recompile from sources on the 14.04 platform, I'd recommend NOT installing any pre-packaged version of an older PHP version on a later OS. The reason is that there are many incompatibilities between major releases and you'll be UNpleasently surprised when things do not work.


Step 1 : Download XAMPP for Linux 5.5.24 & 5.6.8 click here Download

Step 2 : open terminal ( Ctrl+Alt+t )

cd Downloads  sudo su  chmod 755 xampp-linux-x64-1.8.3-1-installer.run   ./xampp-linux-x64-1.8.3-1-installer.run  

Step 3 :

follow the instructions  

Step 4.1 : Start Apache,MySQL

 /opt/lampp/lampp start  

Step 4.2 : stop Apache,MySQL

 /opt/lampp/lampp stop  

Step 4.3 : restart Apache,MySQL

 /opt/lampp/lampp restart  

Step 5 : open web browser


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