Ubuntu: Mounting an iso in ubuntu 14


I want to know please if i can mount an iso (virtual drive) ?

I need to mount it like daemon tools in windows

I tried cdemu but it dosen't work for me

Thanks :)


Try this:

Open a terminal,

Press Ctrl+Alt+T

Run it:

exec sudo -i  apt-get update  apt-get dist-upgrade  apt-get install acetoneiso  

Acetoneiso:feature-rich graphical application to mount and manage CD/DVD images Opens a graphical filemanager which lets you mount typical proprietary images formats of the Windows world such as ISO BIN NRG MDF IMG and do plenty of other things. If FILE is specified, then the program mounts the image before opening the GUI. A detailed manual for acetoneiso can be found from the menu of the graphical filemanger in Help -> Manual.

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