Ubuntu: Lightning Extension Not Showing Reminders When Opening Thunderbird


When I first began using the Lightning calendar extension for TBird it used to show my reminders for events that were due each time I launched TBird if they were due to alarm. Even if I snoozed an event reminder it would pop up each time I opened Tbird regardless of how long I chose to snooze it. Also reminders for events are not popping up though they are supposed to when opening TBird on the same day of the event. There is a delay for some reason. I'll open T-Bird in the morning and if an event is due to remind me it may not do so until sometime later. In other words I want my events to pop up when I open T-Bird not later. So if say an event is due tomorrow I want the reminder to pop up when I open T-Bird first thing in the morning. I'm not getting the behavior I desire. This is how Lightning used to behave when I first started using it a few years back.

I'm hoping there is a fix or some way I can get Lightning to behave this way again. I haven't played with any setting in the config manager.

I've been ignoring this annoyance for probably close to two or three years. I'm currently using T-Bird 31.7.0 and Lightning 3.3.3. on Xubuntu 12.04. (EDIT 14.04) If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful.


Not sure if i understand the question but in about config there is 2 settings for snooze /edit/preferences/advanced/about:config

`mail.spam.markAsNotJunkMarksUnRead;true     calendar.alarms.defaultsnoozelength;5  

and when you add or edit an event or task hit the reminder buttom and set the alarm. hope it helps

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