Ubuntu: is there AN ERASER TOOL in INKSPACE vector graphics editor?


I am new to ubuntu.I tried to use inkspace vector graphics editor for graphic designing but could not find any eraser tool.Please help


I've used Inkscape for a while and I've never come across an eraser tool. It's vector, GIMP on the other hand is good for general purpose photo editing and yes it has an eraser tool. apt-get install gimp to play around with it. You may need to read on the net before you become acquainted with gimp it has a high learning curve.


There is an eraser tool in Inkscape, but due to the nature of vector graphics (which is very different from raster/bitmap graphics), it behaves not at all like the eraser tool in bitmap/raster editors like Gimp. Once you'll get more familiar with vector drawing, you will see that "classic" erasing doesn't make that much sense in vector graphics.

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