Ubuntu: Is it possible to use a program (non-Chrome) with Google Keep / Notes?


I'd like to see and try if I can find any program that could be synced with Google Keep / Notes (actually it is only reachable under its old name: keep.google.com).

This program shall not be Chrome/Chromium please.


At this time there is no Ubuntu software that addresses this issue. Google Keep does have a app that can be used on Ubuntu, but you have to get it through Google Chrome.

Go to the Ubuntu Handbook site and follow the instructions. Unfortunately this does require Google Chrome.


Right now, it is. http://keep.google.com works on Firefox.

Also, you can consider Andrey Polischuk's Electron application called keep:

sudo apt install npm  git clone https://github.com/andrepolischuk/keep  cd keep  npm install  

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