Ubuntu: Internet Text & Ubuntu Menu Text Color variegated - hard to read


I'm a new user to linux/ubuntu and I have just installed the ubuntu 14.04 version.

The drop-down menu text and the internet texts appear to be orange/red and fade/mix-up randomly. Sometimes texts 'disappear' completely and are unable to be seen until I click/do something else with the cursor or keyboard. Nothing else is wrong with the text except for the color itself.

For example the beginning of this post starts pink/red fades to dark blue/purple back to red/orange and then starts having interspersed letters of bright yellow and ends with light green text at the right side.

Thank you for helping me out! (:


As described here https://askubuntu.com/a/606583/448007, the problem seems not to appear by using the old UXA hardware acceleration for for the Intel graphic cards.

Edit the following section of the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file such that AccelMethod is set to "uxa" or create the file if it does not yet exist:

Section "Device"         Identifier  "Intel Graphics"         Driver      "intel"        Option      "AccelMethod"  "uxa"   EndSection  

Reboot or restart X.

The problem went away for me

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